Surfable MANMADE Waves hit Texas

Ben Barber  |  2016-10-05

USA's first surf park opens in Austin Texas providing the perfect atmosphere for learning how to surf.

You can know the impacts of California’s anti-business policies RIGHT NOW, if you only look. Often the reports you read about the state of the economy use numbers gathered over the previous quarter, the previous year or even a multi-year analysis of activity. But anyone with a basic understanding of business and economics (this takes out every Democrat in the state legislature) can quickly see how bad things are right this moment.

How? Just go to Yes,, the car rental and moving truck rental company's website. Now, start getting quotes for moving trucks from Sacramento to anywhere in the neighboring western states. Then do a simple reverse search, from the local western states to Sacramento and you’ll see it’s always cheaper to come to California than leave it, sometimes it’s as much as 90% cheaper!

Why does it cost $583.30 for a 16’ moving truck to go to Phoenix, AZ and only $90 to come back? Why does it cost $956.46 to move to Boise, ID from Sacramento but only $49 to move from Boise, ID to Sacramento? Because Budget uses a simple system of supply and demand (remember, basic economics, so Democrats need not try to understand). Budget has a system that tracks inventory (that’s supply for your Dems) and the reservation requests and bookings (Dems, that means demand) and know people leave California, but they don’t go back, or those not from California aren't looking to move there. Instead, people are leaving California, in droves, and Budget is benefiting.

This isn’t political, it’s just business. They just know there is a high level of demand to leave the ever increasing cost of living, anti-business burdens, and ridiculous anti-family pro-criminal policies of Jerry brown and company. It’s simple (for those who understand economics) supply and demand, and the demand is to get the hell out of California. You want a market prediction stock market fans? Use Budget, or U-Hual or Ryder’s online websites to get quotes on moving trucks, and respond accordingly.

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West Sacramento Breweries a Source of Civic Pride

Ethan Ireland  |  2015-11-20

“Beer,” Benjamin Franklin supposedly wrote, “is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Had Franklin been truly responsible for that axiom, he could have been describing West Sacramento. West Sacramento has three breweries for a population of just under 50,000. Were all things equal, Sacramento, whose population is ten times greater, should be boasting thirty craft breweries; instead, it has only seven. Even though all three of West Sacramento's breweries are located in the same district along the same street, each has its own distinct charm.

Bike Dog is incongruously shoehorned into an '80s-era office park on the corner of Terminal and Industrial. Despite the exterior, the taproom is quiet, warm and close, and as the name suggests, welcomes bicycles and four-legged visitors. It's the haunt of an older crowd; mostly thirty- and fortysomethings here for pints and conversation. Bike Dog's owner Sage offers between eight and ten different beers, mostly the constellation of IPA variants craft brew enthusiasts have come to expect; however, Bike Dog is unique for offering “milk stouts”: heavy, dark beers containing lactose.

Yolo Brewing Company is found further north on Terminal from Bike Dog. The reincarnation of “Brew It Up,” YBC attracts a hipper and younger crowd than its competitors. The taproom alternates deejays and live bands on weekends, though the acoustics in the former warehouse mean conversation is a near-impossibility. Of West Sacramento's breweries, YBC has the greatest variety of beers. A visitor is spoiled for choice with a between fourteen and twenty-one brews on tap, most of which are spectacular and inventive. If that isn't enough, YBC also offers “personal brewery” services so amateurs can play brewmaster for an evening.

Finally, Jackrabbit Brewing lies a short jaunt still further north along Terminal. Jackrabbit is hard to spot, but given its quality and ingenuity, it's well worth the effort. It has ten brews on its menu, split between Belgian and English styles. Jackrabbit is constantly experimenting with unique brews such as the “vineyard dubbel,” a Belgian ale brewed with Cabernet grapes, and an Imperial Stout that gives Old Rasputin a run for its money. The exterior is industrial, but its taproom is more reminiscent of a winery. As with Bike Dog and YBC, Jackrabbit frequently has one of the regions myriad food trucks outside during its taproom hours.

Choice, quality, proximity – all of these mean that when it comes to beer, the citizens of West Sacramento have much to evoke civic pride.

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Folsom Hosts the "End of Time"

Ben Barber  |  2015-11-16

John Wagner, local film producer, writer, and director, saw the drought-ridden Folsom Lake and decided to turn a negative to a positive. With Folsom Lake experiencing record lows, the once familiar topography of recreational swimmers and boaters is now replaced with an alien landscape that fits the dramatic nature of “Finis Temporis.” “Finis Temporis,” which means “End of Time,” is a futuristic drama starring Craig Deluz and Mark Nemmers. It is being produced by Wagner Media, a local Sacramento Independent Film Production company.

In October, a contingent of 12 actors and crew arrived to film one of the key scenes at the Granite Bay Park portion of Folsom Lake. What makes this shoot unique is the dry lakebed that creates a motif that is visually provocative, representing a world that is destined for extinction. The screenplay for “Finis” was written by John Kenneth Wagner, who is also directing the film from behind the camera. The cast includes several well-known Sacramento actors, including Janine Romney, Dan Beard, Voress Franklin, Cynthia Gatlin, Greg Jones, and Courtney Conklin.

Many of the actors and crew are volunteering their time. Included in the veteran crew are a handful of students eager to learn and get some hands-on experience. “Finis Temporis” hopes to have everything in the can by the end of the year for a summer 2016 limited local release.

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PCS WinnerWin, Lose or Draw

Ben Barber  |  2015-11-06

Director Donna Preston with Producer and husband Scott.

For the past 16 years, Access Sacramento has sponsored “A Place Called Sacramento” (PCS) Film Festival. Access Sacramento is a non-profit organization that provides media resources to the Sacramento community. The PCS challenges local scriptwriters to write 10-minute scripts about the people, places, and events that make our community such a unique place to live. Every year 10 scripts are chosen to be produced for the festival.

After working as script supervisor on the TV pilot “RELLIK,” Orangevale’s Donna Preston was anxious to keep the production ball rolling. “I wanted to use the PCS Festival as an opportunity to showcase the amazing talent and professionalism of the local Sacramento film community,” explained Preston. Her script, “Win Lose or Draw,” was one of the 10 scripts chosen. It follows the path of Jimmy Draw, played by Eric Olsson, and Lisa, played by Courtney Conklin. The couple’s relationship is strained when the unexpected death of Jimmy’s father offers a life-changing opportunity. Sarab, played by Michael Ray Clark, a single father mourning the death of his wife, is caught up in the event. Lisa is forced to make some tough decisions as Jimmy’s behavior escalates beyond appropriate levels. “The festival inspired me to write a compelling story with relatable situations and characters,” continued Preston.

Actress Courtney Conklin was no stranger to the PCS, acting in a small supporting role in 2013 for the PCS short film “The Lottery Ticket.” Conklin and Preston became fast friends while working on the “RELLIK” pilot. “The Lottery Ticket” was written by local writer and producer Brian Jagger who was asked by Preston to direct the film. Jagger played a major role in making “RELLIK a reality for local filmmakers and was excited to show what he could do in his short film directorial debut.

After months of planning, production, and post production, the 10 teams of filmmakers gathered at the Crest Theatre, which plays host to the world premiere event each year. After all the films were shown, the audience voted for their favorite; this year’s vote was sponsored by Sacramento Casting. Sacramento Casting is the premier resource in town for connecting actors with filmmakers. They provided the technology for the audience to be able to vote via text message, where as in the past, votes had to be tallied manually from handwritten ballots.

After nervous anticipation it was announced that “Win, Lose or Draw” was the audience favorite. “Sacramento is growing into a fantastic film community and we were lucky to have some of the best cast and crew in the community as a part of this project,” said Jagger. It wasn’t the only vote for the night; the 10 writers who had the winning scripts had the opportunity to vote for their favorite film. “Focused,” by Katherine DaSilva, tied with the PCS’s first documentary entry called “Death of Del Paso,” by Phil D’Asaro.

“Win, Lose or Draw” is now being entered into the Seattle International Film Festival where it hopes to be accepted and presented for future audiences. “Win, Lose or Draw” will be available for viewing on YouTube, courtesy of Access Sacramento. For more information on the PCS and “Win, Lose or Draw,” visit the public pages on Facebook.


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